"Happiness all depends on a quiet breakfast"

Once you get at Corte della Maestà your main feeling will be surprise at first glance: discover the large kitchen, then the suite of your choice but no guess of what will come the following morning at your awakening.

The large garden, which belonged to the Bishop until the end of the seventeenth century, and the kitchen are transformed into an enchantment of tables, flowers and white lace tablecloths; everything you need to keep dreaming. 

Everything reflects the style of the place, a bit retro; each table is set with a different mise en place made with objects from our “Brocante”, old English and French dishes, tea and coffee services, silverware and glassware from the markets of old Europe. 

Each table is a bright color palette: a triumph of daily fresh fruit, fresh juices, homemade cakes, yogurt, honey and local cheeses. 

A wide variety of coffee and creamy cappuccino are available, just ask and Anna will serve them steaming; then ham cut from our Berkel, freshly baked bread and croissants, eggs cooked at your choice.

Everything is part of our concept of hospitality  to be delivered in an intimate and elegant way.

Breakfast for Cristiana is a ritual, a tradition served with confidentiality and kindness, expression of the style that this place exudes in a discreet and charming way.