Paolo Crepet

My retreat


I was born and raised in a family of artists. I learned from them that we can't do anything in life without passion or courage.

This is a story of courage and passion. It has been ever since the first time I climbed this hill, 25 years ago. I am a psychiatrist and a writer by profession, and I knew that this place would help me to understand, to listen and to write. Civita is a place that stands apart. It is constructed like a dream, but it is not a hermitage. It is alive and transmits emotions as warm as the colour of the tuff from which it was built. I have written many of my books here, because these streets and squares are places that inspire the soul, imagination and creativity. We can listen here, and the time and silence allows us to think about and enjoy what we have. There is history dating back thousands of years among these few houses, but there is also a challenge. It takes a lot of love to love this place. It takes a lot of courage and passion to get here and to stay here, but the reward is the enchantment of an unparalleled site.

Paolo Crepet

 "... these streets and squares are places that inspire the soul. "