The passion for forgotten objects and the art of setting the table

The Corte Brocante

Cristiana is the Innkeeper and landlady of “ Corte della Maestà – Timeless Retreat “ a charming B&B, founded ten years ago with her husband Paolo, with a unique style reflecting their passion for antique and forgotten objects, unearthed in a corner of various antique shops around the world. Thanks to their passion, every single item has found its perfect location and harmony at “ Corte della Maestà “, a place made of them and their objects, consequence of their passion for beauty.

The passion for brocantage started when she was a young girl having lot of fun during her carefree trips in France visiting markets, junkyards and second-hand dealers in search of hidden  and lost treasures, objects steeped in who knows what unknown history.

In all ages of her life, in every trip she made to any corner of the world, visits to antique markets, flea markets, second-hand dealers, have represented a must ; she shared this passion with Paolo and they never missed to bring one or more object home when returning from their trips.


Cristiana has a particular passion for the art of setting the table that she pursues every morning when taking care of breakfast for “ Corte della Maestà “ guests ; the setting of  original and creative“ mise en places “ is being made possible through the use of old plates, special glasses, unusual cutlery, floral arrangements.

Guests are always very impressed and fascinated so that the majority of them asks where is possible to purchase different items.

According to this genuine feedback the idea of “ La Corte Brocante “, sharing this passion and giving the opportunity of owning those objects coming from her personal and continuous research, took place.

The aim is to provide complete “ mise en places “, following the same art applied at “ Corte della Maestà “, to be replicated at home ; nevertheless, single objects are available upon request.

Corte Brocante is only available for guests. All items can be purchased exclusively by guests.


Corte Brocante is only available for guests. All items can be purchased exclusively by guests.



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